What is CMMS System and the Functions?

CMMS is Computerized Maintenance Management System. While CMMS system is software in computer that assists to keep all assets recording that becomes the responsibility of the maintenance teams. Besides, the software is also used to schedule and track down the maintenance tasks, as well as keeping the historical record of their work. Find to know about the functions of CMMS system below.

Track the Work Orders

When some equipment are in problem, the maintenance managers can describe and assign technician to fix. After the equipment has been fixed, the technician should mark the work order in ‘complete’ so the manager will get the notification.

Make Schedules for Tasks

The team that are going to schedule preventive maintenance must need an appropriate work calendar. The CMMS system will be great to schedule the works and send the reminders to the people related to the works. It will prevent forgotten tasks for the organized workload.

External Work Requests

When maintenance team need helps from other people out there. The sign will be sent to the line operator through strange noise. The CMMS is the central place where the requests are recorded and the completion is tracked.      

History of Asset Recording

May teams of maintenance should care the

Tips to Building a Successful Website

Whether you’re starting up a website for your ecommerce store, or you’re creating one to expand the reach of your brick and mortar business, there are several things you are going to want take into consideration before you start building the site. Sure, you could just go ahead and start building your site without a plan, and it might be successful; but if you want to have assured success, then you’re going to want to keep on reading to find out the basics of starting a successful website.

Search available domain names. Your domain name is one of the most important features of your site. It’s what your customers will use to link to your business. You don’t want to spend a ton of time thinking of a catchy domain name and then find out that it is already being used when you go to register it. Save yourself time and aggravation and check out the names that are available before you start drafting ideas. You can easily do this by visiting: http://www.register.com/.

Choose a design. Pick a design that is attractive, yet easy to use. Your customers will appreciate a site that is appealing, but that they can easily navigate.

The Future of Convertible Notebooks

When Adam Osborne made the first laptop in 1981, little did he know that his invention would be made convertible to a tablet! Convertible laptops are light and handy. With most biggies trying to load their laptop-cum-tablet with all the possible features, we sneaked in to check out a few.

ThinkPad X230t

The 12.5 inch X230t laptop can be folded back 180° over the keyboard to make it a tablet. You can use the tablet in portrait as well as landscape display modes. Though, not the best when it comes to gaming, it does support moderate gaming with Intel 4000 graphics and a 1366×768 pixel reversible IPS display. With an external battery, this machine can run for 18 hours! For smooth touchscreen experience, the X230t comes with a digitizer pen that is housed in the chassis. The 720p HD webcam with a face tracking feature enables you to have your video conferences and video chats while traveling as well. The optional backlit allows you to work even in the dark. Equipped with 3rd Generation Intel Core processor, 500GB hard drive, Dolby advanced audio, and weighing below 4 pounds, the ThinkPad basic model is priced around $1100.


Best Computer Brand

There are several computer manufacturers and brands that provide you with a range of hardware, desktops and workstations and even laptops. However, a major hurdle is choosing the right brand, as there are countless companies, that have many tempting offers for computers, laptops and desktops alike.

Best Computer Brands List

The following list is a compilation of brands that have gained a good level of reputation in the market. The sales, products, goodwill and popularity of such brands say it all. Take a look.

1. Dell
Another name that is known for efficiency is Dell. The company was started to make successful computers and that is exactly what it is successfully doing today. Michel Dell indeed has seen dreams turn to reality, as today Dell is one of the biggest producers of Laptops and Notebook computers, not to mention the enormous line of desktops. The basic motive of Dell is to make computers for every person and every place. Dell manufactures computers and laptops for students, consumers, businessmen and corporates. It makes computers for homes, schools, offices and even public places.

2. Hewlett-Packard (HP)
HP is often known to be a prominent supplier of desktops and laptops to

Advantages of the Internet in Education

Internet in educationThe fast and relatively low-cost access is one of the major benefits of Internet to people and students all over the world, as getting an Internet connection is easy. Communication and information are the two basic uses of the Internet. Information available on websites can be updated or modified at any time and for any number of times, which helps in learning and better understanding.
Using MultimediaUsing Multimedia
Arguably, it is believed that visual data has a greater impact on learning and memorizing than plain text. Therefore, images, graphics, animation, pictures, slides, documentaries, etc., have a greater appeal than a plain textbook. Using multimedia and Internet provides an opportunity for children to gain knowledge about a particular subject in depth. Students can now see actual photographs of rare bird species, or see animated graphics of a volcanic eruption to understand the concept in detail.
Online LearningOnline Learning
Another positive effect of Internet in education is the onset of distance education or online education (internet-based training (IBT) or web-based training (WBT). With this facility, you can take up short-term courses with the course

Most Suitable Notebooks for Women

Pink, is the color, and I’m colorblind to the rest. I talk from a female’s point of view, well aware of the fact that, for the most part, it may sound too baffling to men to see us women as slaves to colors. From furnishing our houses to selecting a car, from shopping a cocktail dress to buying a laptop, we’re less bothered about technicalities, and more bothered about the looks. And I doubt I’m different from your average Jane – don’t we all want to buy stuff that has killer looks, and is a head-turner? For me, nothing’s more uber-cool than to sit in a coffee-shop with my stylish colored notebook, while people around notice me and my notebook with the corner of their eyes. Well, there I get every bit of the attention! All you women out there who’re sick of the blacks and the whites and the grays and the coals, here’s reviewing some of the most suitable notebooks for females who believe style and taste is everything. Don’t you be anxious, the features aren’t compromised with, at all! My word.

Best Notebooks for Women: A Review

To some women, it might sound

Personal Computer (PC) Facts

You might be surprised to know that the first computer came in the year ‘1945’. The early computer history tells us that the first electronic digital computer called “ENIAC” (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was introduced in 1945 in Philadelphia and it consumed so much electricity that lights in the nearby town dimmed every time it was switched on! Can you imagine how huge it was? It weighed 30 tons and it required 1500 square feet of floor space! Initially the computers were so huge that they used to occupy a big room. The size was reduced gradually, but the working and storing capacities were significantly improved. The development of the microprocessor lead to the evolution of personal computers. These days, you can find numerous types of personal or desktop computers, for example, portable PCs, laptops, palmtops, etc. The way a PC works with different gadgets is just incredible. Now that the prices for good personal computers have come down considerably, even the schools in the developing countries can afford PCs. Owing to the increasing demand, they are now commonly available in the market.

Personal Computer

Even though laptops are becoming more popular, there is still

The Harmful Influence of the Computer

This simple statement is truer and clearer than one may realize. It is an established fact that nothing interesting is one-sided. Every little thing is this world has its pros and cons; nothing is perfect. This is especially true for electronic devices, prominent among them being the computer. You would be shocked to know that it was categorized as being among the 40 most health-damaging jobs.

Computerization has brought about a revolution in the world. The machine is desperately and heavily used every where – in schools, at home, in companies, institutions, and so on. No doubting its valuable contribution in the fields of space, agriculture, defense, education, etc., but after a period, it does have some negative effects. Some of these influences are as follows.

Effects on Education

As mentioned before, this machine has contributed effectively to the field of education. With the click of a button, one can gather all the possible information they want. However, what is happening today is that even children who cannot read and write yet, are already used to this machine. They develop at a very early age, the habit of playing on the computers for hours on end. Where

How to Find Affordable Notebook Computers

If you are looking for basic features in a notebook computer, which allow you to perform basic tasks like typing out documents, listening to music, watching movies and, surfing the Internet, then you can consider buying one from the range of inexpensive notebook laptops in the market today.

You can find these laptops for as less as 250 dollars. If you are thinking of buying new laptops and have a budget around 300 dollars, then refer to the second section of the article, to find out which are some of the good laptops

However, if you have a very low-budget or want to buy a notebook computer having good features, then buying affordable notebook computers which are available at second-hand prices is a viable option.

There are many ways to find some good refurbished laptop computers. Make sure you don’t hurry while buying a refurbished notebook computer, and take your time to compare different refurbished models of notebook before deciding on one.

How to Find Affordable Notebook Deals

Finding refurbished laptop computer is not difficult, and should be able to find a decent laptop computer under $200. You can check out different shopping sites like amazon or ebay, where

Best Gaming Computer Configuration

Your heartbeat is racing, fingers ready for action on the mouse, your every sense is alert and focused on the mission… these are just a few thoughts that race through a gamer’s head. Whatever game you play, be it, high speed racing or strategy or good old-fashioned shoot-em-ups, your gaming experience is majorly dependent on your computer’s ability to handle the game. So what is the best gaming computer configuration that your machine should have or at least, try to match up to? Whether you are building a gaming PC from scratch or buying a pre-assembled piece, below are some lineaments or qualities that you should consider, for the ultimate gaming computer.

Think of your gaming computer, as a human. To function, it needs a brain or think-tank and a body or parts to work properly. Let’s start with the ‘brain parts’ first.

⌨ The Brain – Processor & RAM
Speed is the name of the game, when it comes to choosing a processor for your gaming machine. No one likes a lagging or slow system to game on, wherein you execute a mouse click and 20 secs later, it shows up on screen. Twenty secs