Having Your iPhone Factory Unlocked is the Cheapest Way to Go

If you love the Apple iPhone, you’ve got a couple of choices in order to have it in your possession: either spend hundreds of dollars to get a factory unlocked phone to use the phone with any operator of your choice, or lock into a two- or three-year contract with a service provider in order to get the phone for cheaper, or even for free.

The truth is, neither one of these options is very attractive. Buying a factory unlocked phone is incredibly expensive, and can cost you well over $1,000. On the other hand, it’s no fun being locked in with one specific service provider. If at any point you don’t like the services they offer or the types of contracts they provide, you’re stuck until the expiration date of your agreement.

There’s a better way: buy a locked phone and use a credible factory unlocking method to unlock any Apple iPhone.

Is it Legal to Unlock an iPhone?

Many people may be hesitant to try the factory unlock method because they believe that it is against the law. After all, you’re signing a contract with a provider – aren’t you legally bound to the contract?

The fact of the matter is, this is a myth. Despite the fact that you must buy an iPhone at a subsidized rate from a network operator, it isn’t illegal to unlock your phone. After buying the iPhone, it’s yours, and as such, you’re free to do whatever you want with it. Factory unlocked iPhones are very pricey, so it makes sense to want to seek out another route.

As per the Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, network operators must unlock iPhones when the customer requests it to be unlocked. However, carriers will typically only unlock your phone if your contract has been completed in good standing. On the other hand, third party iPhone unlocking services don’t have any restrictions, and are therefore legally able to unlock your phone.

Is it Difficult to Unlock Apple Phones?

As long as the right method is used, it is not difficult to unlock Apple phones. Factory unlocking can be done on all models, and is a safe and easy method. Third party unlocking service providers can unlock your iPhone just by adding the IMEI numbers of your device to the SIM unlocked database that Apple maintains. Once the IMEI number has been provided, all you need to do is wait for confirmation, after which you will connect your iPhone to iTunes and finish off the restore process.

Having your iPhone factory unlocked is the easiest, most affordable way to go!

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