Best Computer Brand

There are several computer manufacturers and brands that provide you with a range of hardware, desktops and workstations and even laptops. However, a major hurdle is choosing the right brand, as there are countless companies, that have many tempting offers for computers, laptops and desktops alike.

Best Computer Brands List

The following list is a compilation of brands that have gained a good level of reputation in the market. The sales, products, goodwill and popularity of such brands say it all. Take a look.

1. Dell
Another name that is known for efficiency is Dell. The company was started to make successful computers and that is exactly what it is successfully doing today. Michel Dell indeed has seen dreams turn to reality, as today Dell is one of the biggest producers of Laptops and Notebook computers, not to mention the enormous line of desktops. The basic motive of Dell is to make computers for every person and every place. Dell manufactures computers and laptops for students, consumers, businessmen and corporates. It makes computers for homes, schools, offices and even public places.

2. Hewlett-Packard (HP)
HP is often known to be a prominent supplier of desktops and laptops to corporate clients. The company is also preferred by a large number of people, since it is also a manufacturer of office utilities, such as photocopying machines and scanners. HP has launched a huge series of desktops as well as laptops. Some really innovative products that have been launched by HP include, HP TouchSmart a touch screen computer and the famous HP Brio. If you are planning to go in for a desktop, then this is the best brand for desktop computers that you can avail.

3. Apple
The brand of Steve Jobs and the brand that maintains quality. Apple computers are known for their quality control, research and development and also their willingness to maintain a specific procedure of manufacture. Apple has successfully launched a wide range of computers that includes both laptops and desktops. The best brand for laptops on the market is of course Apple, due to its wide range of laptops that includes, MacBook, iMac and Mac Mini. A remarkable desktop computer that was released by Apple is the Mac Pro. Apart from the quality, speed and smooth running, Apple also caters to the style quotient. For personal use, this brand is the best laptop brand.

4. Lenovo
Lenovo, which had been previously known as ‘Legend’, is a Chinese computers company which caters to all possible segments of the computer markets. International Business Machines (IBM) on the other hand is a giant that churns out computers for every possible person on the face of this earth. In 2005, Lenovo acquired the computers division of IBM. Lenovo is maintaining almost the entire staff of IBM in North Carolina in addition to an executive headquarters in Purchase, New York. In addition to that Lenovo will also be able to use the IBM brand name and own the famous ‘Think’ marquee/brand name for 5 years.

The product directory of both these companies is so big, that you will have computers working at every possible speed in it. The basic memorandum of the company is to supply computers to every working person. You will find countless companies using both the IBM and Lenovo brands. Essentially both brands put together, make the world’s third largest computer business.

5. Gateway
An Acer subsidiary, Gateway is a manufacturer of brilliant computers. The principle operations of the company include Netbooks, Notebooks, Desktops and LCD displays. Like Apple, this company is admired for its precision, research and development. Gateway computers can be used by both corporates and consumers.

(*note: It must be taken into note that the models which have been included in the tables, are the current models, they are constituents of other larger “series”, “families” and “marquees”. It must also be taken into account that the aforementioned are individual models.)

Just look for the features that you need and want, you are sure to get the appropriate device or model from major brands.

Best Gaming Computer Configuration

Your heartbeat is racing, fingers ready for action on the mouse, your every sense is alert and focused on the mission… these are just a few thoughts that race through a gamer’s head. Whatever game you play, be it, high speed racing or strategy or good old-fashioned shoot-em-ups, your gaming experience is majorly dependent on your computer’s ability to handle the game. So what is the best gaming computer configuration that your machine should have or at least, try to match up to? Whether you are building a gaming PC from scratch or buying a pre-assembled piece, below are some lineaments or qualities that you should consider, for the ultimate gaming computer.

Think of your gaming computer, as a human. To function, it needs a brain or think-tank and a body or parts to work properly. Let’s start with the ‘brain parts’ first.

⌨ The Brain – Processor & RAM
Speed is the name of the game, when it comes to choosing a processor for your gaming machine. No one likes a lagging or slow system to game on, wherein you execute a mouse click and 20 secs later, it shows up on screen. Twenty secs can mean dead or alive in a fast-paced first-person shooter game. Another problem is a frozen frame, where the game seems to take place in slow motion.

To avoid such complications, choose powerful and speedy processors, quad-core at a minimum, capable of handling your game and multi-tasking as well. In the processor market, 2 players dominate: Intel and AMD. It’s no use arguing about which is better, they function differently and each has its plus and negative points. Intel’s top 2 processors are the i7 and the i5. Actually for top-notch gaming, especially with today’s taxing games, an i5 processor is a minimal requirement. From AMD, the best processor for gaming is from the AMD Phenom II series.

RAM or memory is another key point. Most PC games require a minimum of 2GB RAM for functioning. But with 2GB, you can expect a mediocre performance. Start with 4GB RAM and opt for an expandable memory system, so you can customize as per your needs. Otherwise go for 8GB or 12GB RAM in your machine. The higher the RAM, the better the gaming experience, there’s no question about that. Upcoming game titles require a lot of RAM, so take no chances.

⌨ The Brain – Graphics/Video Card
Speed is one point, what about quality? Crisp clean graphics, picture quality, the game design and characters, all should seem as realistic as possible. Take the latest iteration of the World of Warcraft series, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm for example. The lush and vivid landscapes, rich in-game details of the various character classes like the Orcs or the Night Elves, such features require quality depiction. Top gaming titles by default, require a high-end graphics or video card for delivering quality performance. High pixel resolution and dedicated or integrated graphics memory are 2 key factors in choosing the graphics card for your gaming machine. While choosing a graphics card, the top options to consider are the Nvidia GeForce GTX series or the AMD Radeon HD series.

Thinking parts of the gaming PC are over, now let’s move on to the ‘body’ or physical parts that make up the best gaming computer configuration.

⌨ The Body – Storage
A rule of thumb, when it comes to hard disk space, no matter how much you have, it’s never enough. This hard fact is especially true for video games, which require a lot of hard disk space for storing installation and configuration files. Battlefield 3 requires at least 20 GB as system space for installation and that’s a small amount. A gaming computer’s storage can be composed of a primary and secondary storage. The primary storage should be a Solid State Drive (SSD) which can store essential OS and system information and load at a fast rate. Secondary storage is meant for storing game data and files as well as other media. Its capacity should be 500 GB at a minimum. For comfortable storing, opt for 1 TB, especially if you keep a lot of other files like movies and images. Optical drives, both CD and DVD are a must. Without a DVD drive, how would you install a game? 90% of all game installations come on a DVD drive. A Blu-ray drive is an added perk. USB ports are also needed for connecting external drives or USB gaming peripherals like a gaming mouse.

⌨ The Body – External Peripherals
The monitor or display unit is easily the most important gaming peripheral. Ultimately your whole gaming experience depends on its output. What makes a good gaming monitor? For starters, a quick response rate to prevent lagging or ghosting. When the previous image or scene remains on the monitor as a blur, even as the next image comes up, ghosting is said to occur, a noted event with monitor quality, while playing high graphics games. Look for a response rate value of less than 8ms. This ensures minimal ghosting. Also check out the viewing angle, resolution and color quality. The size of the monitor also plays a key role. Avoid squinting at your screen, during a game with a tiny screen size. 17 inches and above is the recommended screen size for a gaming machine.

A gaming mouse and keyboard are optional add-ons. But they do help enhance your performance in a game. With programmable buttons and function mapping as well as backlit and LED light controls, mice and keyboards designed exclusively for gaming, will give you a definite edge in any gaming arena. Most models also have an ergonomic design to allow for long gaming spells without aches or hand sprains. For gaming mice and keyboards, Razer, Logitech and SteelSeries are the brands that offer the best models. In addition to the above configuration points, a powerful sound system is an extra feature to consider. Surround sound with sub-woofers and enhanced bass helps add to the immersive experience of a computer game. A neon lighting CPU tower or casing with a smart or funky design, is a physical add-on that increases the coolness factor of your machine.

If you want a pre-assembled or manufactured gaming computer, then be realistic in your expectations as good hardware comes with a price tag. So far, the best brand for a gaming machine is Alienware, with the best specs for the money. Whether hand-built or shopware, a dedicated gaming computer is an amazing piece of computing machinery to own.

Best Computer for Video Editing

While selecting a machine for NLE (non-linear editing), there are certain configurations that are a must. Before we start discussing them, let us discuss what’s the best PC for editing videos. Is it a Laptop or Desktop? The greatest advantage of laptop computers over desktops is portability and the less space they occupy. But, trust me if you wish to do some serious editing, then having a setup fixed in a room works the best. Why?

Because, while editing you would like some quiet and peace, and put the setup in a room where your little brother/sister or pet doesn’t disturb it. Also, while rendering videos (which can take hours or even a night) takes time, it is best that you have a setup in a room which doesn’t get disturbed.

Laptop Vs. Desktop
» The biggest advantage of having a desktop computer for video editing is that you can buy a powerful machine for a price which is half or one-third less of a laptop, yet loaded with the same features.

» Another advantage of a desktop PC over laptop is that you can keep updating the hardware in a desktop, while updating laptop hardware is expensive and has certain limitations.

» Also, with a laptop you will get a smaller screen, but with a desktop you can get a large screen, that will make the job of editing videos easy as you will be able to view the videos minutely.

» So, yes, a desktop PC is the best machine when it comes to video editing. But, if you still wish to go for a laptop (maybe, because portability matters more to you), then there are two laptop models mentioned in the last section of this Buzzle article, which you can consider.

Why go for a Powerful Machine and not a Budget One?
So, why should you invest a bit more and go for the best powerful machine you can afford and not a budget one? There are many reasons why –

★ Because, you want to reduce time spend on rendering videos and increase time spend on actual editing.

★ Because, a powerful machine will not get outdated easily.

★ Because, you don’t have to spend money buying upgrades.

★ Because, you don’t have to be worried about the machine slowing down, if you have to store a lot of videos or install heavy software.

Features you Should Look for
There is a difference between configurations required for amateur video editing, and difference between configurations required for professional editing. If you are looking for basic editing, then you can use a basic configuration, but if you think you might need better and faster editing then look for these features in a machine. Remember, for HD editing you will need an even more powerful machine.

A good RAM is important, so that your machine doesn’t slow down when you are installing a heavy editing software. A good RAM will also keep editing and rendering videos faster and smoother. Get a 16GB or more RAM installed. Athlon and AMD processors used to be the best, till i7 was introduced, so opt for Intel Core i7 processor.

Hard Drive
You will be installing a video editing software, saving editing projects, rendering one project in couple of formats, storing raw videos, etc. For this purpose you need a good hard drive, most computers today come with a basic 320GB hard drive capacity, which is not good enough. So, go for minimum 500GB or 1TB hard drive. You can keep a separate partition on the drive to store all your projects.

Graphics Card and Sound Card
Two important features required for video editing are a graphics card and a sound card. You can go for a minimum of nVidia GTX670 graphics card or NVIDIA Quadro 4000/5000 if you can afford it.

Also, an ASUS motherboard, which is a preferred choice for CG work and editing is a must. You should also have a good sound card, because when you are video editing you will need to venture into some audio editing too. Another thing you need to keep in mind when using a computer for NLE always, I mean ‘always’ use the latest driver for your graphics card.

A large screen is essential, so that you can keep 2-3 windows open together. Also, the interface of an editing software is large. Having a large screen will allow you to edit and preview the video output, without scrolling the interface. Go for minimum 17” screen if you are investing in a laptop. However, for desktop screen the bigger the better. In fact, many professionals prefer two monitors so that they can keep multiple windows open while editing. This saves times minimizing a window to go to the next; which means you can dedicate more time to editing. It also keeps the layers always visible, which means you don’t lose track of what layer or frame you were working on.

These were the hardware specs required, now about the software. The best video editing software for beginners are Apple iMovie and Wax. If you are considering professional editing software, then the choices are Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12, Final Cut Pro 7, Avid Symphony 6.5, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Also, Windows 7 64 bit, is the best choice of the operating system, because it is stable and runs most of these software smoothly. Windows 8 is fairly new, so I would say you wait for some more time before making the switch from 7 to 8.

Best Models of PCs and Laptops for NLE
As you must have noticed the above configurations are easier and affordable to get in a desktop, however, if you wish to do basic home video editing then a basic laptop will suffice. Here are some options.

Assembled Machine
This is the best option of desktop PC for video editing, you can buy the individual parts separately and install them yourself or by a professional. This way you can cut down on fancy looking parts, and buy powerful hardware. Just buy the above mentioned parts, and add other basic parts like a cabinet, mouse, and keyboard to assemble your machine.

Instead of buying a computer, assembling a powerful machine always pays in the long term. This is because you will be having the freedom to pump-up the computer with the powerful parts of the best brands available. Also, going for higher configurations than the necessary, will ensure that your computer remains a powerful machine for years. So, you don’t have to replace it every year with a new machine, which can get very expensive. You will have the freedom to update the individual parts whenever you feel the machine is not sustaining to heavy rendering or latest software. However, if you still feel that instead of building, buying the computer is better, then consider the below computer models.

HP Z820 Computer Workstation
It comes with a great sleek design and a large screen. This machine is efficient, and you can customize this machine with a graphics card of nVidia or ATI. It has large hard disk to store your projects, without having to worry about ‘running out of space’. All in all, a good computer for video editing. HP has also introduced all-in-one workstation, if you don’t want the tower then consider the all-in-one systems.

Many professionals say that iMac is the best machine out there for video editing. However, if you like working with a Mac interface or going to use an editing software which is compatible with Mac only, then go for a this desktop. You can select the i7 processor, 32GB RAM, 27” monitor, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX graphics processor. If you want a laptop then go for 17” Mac Book Pro.

HP EliteBook 8760/8770w Mobile Workstation
This is a good solution to the HP’s desktop workstation, not the perfect replacement though. However, it is portable if that is what you are aiming for. It comes with many ports, a 17″ display, i7 Intel Core processor, Windows 7, and a decent laptop battery life.

Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q880
This is a great looking model that has a red and black color combination. It is a great laptop for HD editing, has good graphics card, powerful processing, and all this in a decent budget.

You can buy a computer from the above choices, but from my personal experience I would say, go for an assembled machine, because it has far more advantages. However, if you are going for particular model of PC or laptop then go to their site and select the best specifications possible, to customize a fast machine. Good luck!