What is CMMS System and the Functions?

CMMS is Computerized Maintenance Management System. While CMMS system is software in computer that assists to keep all assets recording that becomes the responsibility of the maintenance teams. Besides, the software is also used to schedule and track down the maintenance tasks, as well as keeping the historical record of their work. Find to know about the functions of CMMS system below.

Track the Work Orders

When some equipment are in problem, the maintenance managers can describe and assign technician to fix. After the equipment has been fixed, the technician should mark the work order in ‘complete’ so the manager will get the notification.

Make Schedules for Tasks

The team that are going to schedule preventive maintenance must need an appropriate work calendar. The CMMS system will be great to schedule the works and send the reminders to the people related to the works. It will prevent forgotten tasks for the organized workload.

External Work Requests

When maintenance team need helps from other people out there. The sign will be sent to the line operator through strange noise. The CMMS is the central place where the requests are recorded and the completion is tracked.      

History of Asset Recording

May teams of maintenance should care the assets for up to some decades. It means that the machines have long repairing history. When the team gets some problem in repairing, they may need to get some ideas from the last time repairing. If the history is recorded in CMMS system, then the team can find the solution easily.

And there are many more works that can be recorded by CMMS, including managing the inventory as well as the audit and certification. For the great functions in many fields, every company should have this system to support their works and maximize the effectiveness of the work.

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